Encrypted Notes An encrypted notes taking application

An encrypted notes taking application. You can integrate this in to your site to store private information. Even if the database is compromised, your notes will be safe. […]

Moya Autocomplete AJAX powered auto-complete inputs

Moya Auto adds AJAX powered auto-complete to input fields

Moya Font Awesome Font Awesome assets

A library to bundle the assets required to use Font Awesome

Moya Image Library manage a collection of images

Manage collections of images. Includes a manager widget to upload images and edit details.

Moya Logins Manage external logins

Moya Logins is a library to manage external logins, from providers such as Google and Facebook

Moya Social Links A reddit-like social linking application

Moya Social Links is similar to social linking web sites such as Reddit and Hacker News. Users can submit links to a number of topics which can be up-voted or down-voted. So that good links rise to […]

Moya Techblog Powerful blogging platform for photographers and coders.

Powerful blogging platform for photographers and coders. Powers https://www.willmcgugan.com

Moya URL shortener shorten URLs

This is a very simple URL shortening application. Essentially it stores the URL in the database, and encodes the primary key as base64 in the URL. How short the URL can get depends on the size of […]

Moya Widgets Extra Extra widgets

A library of widgets to supplement the built in widgets library. At the moment, there is only a select control that supports arbitrary markup as items.